I may look like a pro but I’m just faking it.

Something happens when you move into three plus kids territory. At least something happened when I did. People start asking you for advice. So when you have five, it happens a lot. And when you don’t have the answers, it seems to surprise them.

Today I was reflecting on the fact that my youngest has not been napping well lately. I’m trying hard to remember when my older kids stopped taking two naps a day. Sam, at nine months, has a snooze in the morning, often while his big sister holds him. Then he drifts off after a midday nursing but has been refusing to stay asleep if I put him to bed. And then there’s another late afternoon nap, that sometimes lasts for half an hour or forty five minutes if I’m really fortunate. But what I really want is to somehow get him sleeping at the same time that his older brother does. Ben is nearly three and would rather not nap but seriously needs it still. A two hour block of time in the afternoon with only the three oldest awake would be lovely. So I was thinking that maybe I need to keep him awake through the morning nap but I couldn’t remember if that was “normal” for his age.

So I did what most people in the twenty-first century do when they need an answer. I googled it. And of course the answers that come up weren’t really helpful at all. I got, “All babies are different,” “Babies at nine months should just be moving to two naps a day from three,” and “Most babies don’t give up their second nap until they are eighteen months old.”

See, not actually very helpful.

So there you go. Even I don’t know it all. I assume if I have a dozen kids I still won’t have all the answers.

I’m going to go with my gut on this one and just try to let him sleep a bit longer in the morning and skip that first short nap. And if that doesn’t work, I’ll do something else. That’s the best advice I could give anyone on that subject.


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