New blogs are like new relationships

I say that like I know something on the subject. Truth is, I had a few very short lived relationships when I was a teenager and then met Mike when I was eighteen, got engaged at nineteen and married at twenty. But sure, I remember what the beginning of our marriage was like. We talked all the time and spent every moment together. So there you go, new blogs are like a new relationship.

Yes, this is my third post today. I’m making an effort at making this look like the real thing.

AND, I just have to share the fact that this morning, I became Auntie to another little girl. Until last March, I had no nieces and just one daughter. Three boys (and another one in the oven at the time) and four nephews. Then niece number one was born to my husband’s youngest sister, who lives four hours north of us. My second niece was born on Boxing Day in Oregon, which is like twenty-four hours south of us. But today – TODAY – my newest niece was born HERE. Which means I’ll actually get to see her frequently. I’m so very excited.

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