Time to pack..

Last night, Mike and I sat down and talked about the house, what still needs to be done and what our goals are for selling. We divided up the things left to be done, inside tasks in the winter months (which here is until May) and outside after that. July is marked, “Put house up for sale.”

I have one word here: YES!!!!!!

We bought our house after eighteen months of marriage, when we had only one baby girl who wasn’t yet mobile. We were living in an apartment underneath a couple who screamed all the time and in a building that perpetually smelted like marijuana. We were thrilled to leave.

But now, seven and a half years and four busy little boys later, 768 square feet is not working so well any more.

I’ve wanted to move for years now but last spring we made a firm decision that 2013 was the year. So here we go! Time to pack all the non-essentials and make this little house seem more spacious so it will actually appeal to buyers. It is exciting but admittedly daunting.

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