Mess makers for hire

My children are definitely professionals.

If you’re looking for a small person to take your polished and neat home and make it look like a tornado just ripped through it, I’ve got just the thing for you. From the oldest to the youngest, they do their fair share. Available tasks include: moving books, clothing and toys from where they belong to a public place where they don’t belong, all in the name of, “Hey, guys, lets make up a game,” breaking new things and then once they are fixed, breaking them in another way entirely; ripping paper and at times, eating said paper (that’s the youngest team member’s favourite job); colouring on walls, floors, tables, chairs, skin, with markers that were magically moved from high shelves.

The best part is that they work fast! I charge by the job, not by the hour, or I wouldn’t make any money.


Yes, just one of those days where I have to shrug my shoulders, shake my head and move on.

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