Dear Friends

Oh, dear friends, I’m sorry it has been so long. Apparently eleven whole days. However, I have really good excuses. But first: 

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Today is my Grandpa’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Grandpa who will most definitely not read this. 

Also, in seven short weeks, my baby will be one year old. This has nothing to do with my reasons for not writing recently. It just hit me yesterday and I had to share because it’s just so crazy. Time flies when you’re having kids!

Okay, now for the excuses. 

I’m on holidays. Yep, that’s pretty much it. 

I’ve been in my happy place for the last six days: my mama’s house in Springfield, Oregon. I’ve gone antique hunting with my mama and sister, had Mongolian Grill twice, spent lots of time staring at my mother’s amazing backyard, watched my kiddos play with her chickens, laughed HARD with my sister – something we do really well together – and enjoyed warm weather while a snowstorm is happening back home. 

I love holidays. 

The sad part is that today is the last day in Oregon, We won’t get home for another six days but tomorrow we’re headed up to Washington to see more friends and family. I grew up in Washington but if I had to move back (which will probably never happen), I would pick this part of Oregon in a heartbeat. It’s lovely. 

This may be the only entry for another week or so. I’ll be back later to write about the Calgary Zoo, the treasures I’ve found, the food we’ve eaten and the people I’ve seen (including my sweet    little niece). Have a good week!

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