Climbing out

Time to climb out of the hole I’ve been digging for myself for some time now. Everything is sadly in disarray and I spend far more time researching ways to deal with it than actual time dealing with it!

The culprit: stuff. Clutter. Lots of it. Some of it is genuinely useful to me or could be in the future. Most of it is not.

I used to write a whole blog that was based on how much I hated to clean. Some of you might remember that. Now it’s not so much that I hate cleaning, I just don’t do it enough. I have actually gotten into some fairly good habits with regards to actual cleaning. I make my bed 90% of the time, I keep up on the dishes and laundry most of the time. I just have too much stuff piled up every where.

As we are planning to sell our house this summer (or at least list it by July), I have to do the first thing on every realtor’s task list before selling your home: de-cluttering. In some ways I find the process really freeing – it felt good to shred my old poetry this morning, full of teenage angst and misguided goals. It feels good to throw yet another bag of give-away into the back of my van to be dropped off at the thrift store. But on the other hand, it is so much work. And my kids just keep bringing home STUFF all through the process. Okay, so I might be bringing a few things in myself.

Early in the year, I had a goal to just get one thing done every day. Just one small thing. Grabbing thirty things and putting them in a bag to give away, cleaning out a cupboard, tidying some paper-covered area. It was going well until we went on holidays. So now I’m going to get back at it. Here’s hoping it will put a serious dent in the clutter in my house before the end of the month!

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