Away went the weekend

We had one of those, “Let’s be productive,” weekends that quickly turns into, “Let’s just be lazy,” weekends. Seems to happen to us a lot. Jenny had a friend over from Friday afternoon until Saturday afternoon, we watched movies with the kids, I ran a few errands and yesterday we spent nearly the whole day with family and close friends, playing games (Mike), visiting (me) and hanging out with cousins and almost cousins (kids).

I think I’ve gotten pretty good these last few years at having those kinds of days and still keeping up on the basic chores – laundry and dishes – but beyond that, I didn’t get much of anything done.

But what matters more in the long run, really? If I start to feel guilty, I try to remind myself that my kids may only want to hang out like this for so long. They might still like us in ten years (I expect them to..we are pretty cool) but may have jobs or sports or other activities to do on the weekend. There is just something to be said for lazy weekends with my family.

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