Crawling out of the Dark

Two years ago, I was healed of postpartum depression. I blogged through my depression and today realized that I never bothered to update my handful of readers as to how my story ended. The last thing I posted was that my doctor said I was in remission. I was not very hopeful but felt better. A short time after that – roughly two weeks later – I read a little book that changed my life and suddenly the light came on and I was healed. Just like that. Not because of the book or its author (no, it wasn’t the Bible, by the way) but because it explained things so well and made me see where my struggle really was.

But I didn’t come here to write about that. I just think it’s time for that blog to see the light of day again. Some of it is dark and hard to read, some of it is downright whiny. But I think when I tell people that I was healed of postpartum depression, they have a hard time understanding what that really means to me. Seeing where I came from shows how truly important that healing was. I could not have gone on living without it.

So this is it: Crawling out of the Dark. Read it or don’t read it. It’s two years old now so I feel that I can say with confidence that this is not who I am now. I’m truly a better woman, wife and mother now.

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