Whole Life Learning

We are unschoolers.

That title gets us a lot of strange looks and questions that are sometimes hard to answer, at least without getting people upset, offended or just weirded out.

A friend of mine said that she prefers the term “whole life learning” over unschooling. I think I agree, although it might be difficult to change (yet again) what we call ourselves. At the beginning of the “school year” I was just determined to stop saying, “home schooling” and start saying “home educating.” And then I learned a bit more about unschooling and realized how well it works for us, at least at this part of our journey.

But really, what we are doing is learning from our whole life, not just a set number of hours set aside for education each day.

We park hopped on Friday, starting the day off with a big group of home educated friends in a park in town. The kids played in the playground but spend a lot of time in the woods, too. And these are the moments that fuel me when it comes to childhood, education and life. My kids, playing with each other and loads of other kids, just being kids. Image

Now, I can’t tell you exactly what subjects were covered on Friday. I can’t tell you that they learned about some specific bug and therefore covered their science requirements (we have no requirements anyway). I will tell you that they had a really good day and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We were able to hang out as long as we wanted and then move on to something else. They ran their wiggles out, got terribly dirty, fed some friendships and laughed. This is just a little piece of what whole life learning looks like to me.

One thought on “Whole Life Learning

  1. I hadn’t head of unschooling before- so interesting! My daughter is only 14 months old so we’re not quite there yet but, you’re right- they learn so much just getting out there and DOING. Plus, school was first invented in the hopes of producing factory drones… so there’s that 😉

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