Whole Life Learning and the “First Day of School”

A window into our life: On this first day of school for many people we know, we are finishing Wreck it Ralph (for the third time since Friday, hooray for library movies) and then heading to the annual Not Back to School Breakfast at McDonald’s. For many of our homeschooling friends, today means starting back to curriculum and a scheduled day but for us, it just means a continuation of learning. We don’t have a first day or a last day as learning goes on all year for us. We do math on the weekends sometimes, started French over the summer and today the one “schooly” thing we might intentionally do is sit down and have a meeting to discuss anything new the kids want to learn this year. I already know that Elias wants to learn some more math so I’m sure he’ll be focusing on that a bit in the next few months. Jenny will continue in the art course I bought her on DVD and I’m hoping I can get her into a good Christian fiction series (or maybe Laura Ingalls Wilder :D). My kids will learn and grown and change this year just like they did last year. The speed at which they picked things up that they were passionate about is proof to me that I LOVE what we do – at the beginning of last year, Jenny’s reading was very stunted and Elias wasn’t reading at all, now they read everything! And, for the naysayers, if curriculum and traditional teaching seems like the right thing for our kids at some point in this journey and is what they need or want, we will give them that. We are first and foremost flexible and willing to change when it is needed. We are whole life learners!

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