Catching up

To keep this simple (for myself), I am going to catch you up on thirty things in our lives in this one post. And that way if I don’t write for thirty days, I’ll feel that I’m covered. Teehee…

One: We showed our house last night. It isn’t listed yet but a young couple with a five month old baby might be interested and it might mean skipping the listing part which would be WONDERFUL.

Two: My dad is good. He was in various hospitals all over the states four times (due to travel) – two in Washington, one in Colorado and one in Tennessee but he’s okay. They switched his medication and also determined that he has a cracked sternum which would account for some ongoing chest paint.

Three: Part two of number two – my dad is engaged. He has had quite a whirlwind romance if you ask me, but I’m happy for him. I think having a heart attack and nearly dying made him realize that you just never know how long you have and so he has decided to settle down and quit his bachelor ways.

Four: Part three of number two and the last bit about my dad – he will be moving to Nashville early next year. This is the part of my dad getting married that is possibly hardest on me. It means he won’t be there when we travel through Washington and Oregon and it may mean seeing him a little less because of the distance. Tennessee is a LONG way from where we live. Thirty-eight hours of driving, to be exact. Hopefully Mike and I will be able to go for the reception in March but otherwise, Dad will have to come to us, I suspect.

Five: The kids have been going to gymnastics every week. They love it, I love it.

Six: Gymnastics is expensive and yet so much cheaper the way we’re doing it with our homeschool association than if we just went to normal drop in. But it means that we are forgoing a few other activities this fall, which honestly I’m okay with because I don’t care for busyness.

Seven: Sometimes I don’t go anywhere all week until Fridays when we go to gymnastics. I usually don’t really mind that.

Eight: My sister-in-law is going to have a baby ANY DAY NOW. I’m so excited, even more so because she’s having her baby here even though she doesn’t live here. Hooray!!

Nine: I promise you that I actually do have thirty things to update but because of mom brain I’m finding it difficult right now.

Ten: It snowed this morning. The amazing thing is that this was the first snow we’ve had this season. And by this season, I mean winter, because up here, fall lasts about three weeks and then moves on.

Eleven: My kids seem to think that snow equals Christmas so now I have to get them to wait for two months longer. Thankfully Jenny and Elias are old enough to understand it.

Twelve: My best friend moved to Quebec over the summer. We text, email, talk on the phone – not all the time but often enough – but I miss her something fierce. When I knew she was going to move, I felt like I needed to have a new best friend here but after some deep thinking on it, I have realized that I have about five or six dear friends that I see or talk to each week, a bunch of friends and pleasant acquaintances that I see mostly at church or homeschool activities, and in the end, it seems to be enough. I’m thankful for that.

Thirteen: I need to throw away more stuff. We have too much.

Fourteen: That house showing that I mentioned? On Friday, I found out that this couple wanted to buy a house like ours. By Saturday morning, we had talked via Facebook and decided that they could definitely come see it but I assumed it would be mid-week before it would happen. At four thirty on Saturday afternoon, I got another message asking if they could come see the house that night. They came at eight which meant that we cleaned like crazy people for three and a half hours. It was intense.

Fifteen: I have this teeny tiny dream that we might be miraculously moved out by Christmas. Like I said, it’s teeny tiny. But it’s there.

Sixteen: My mother-in-law bought me a new purple sweater a few weeks ago. It’s lovely and I want to wear it all the time.

Seventeen: Painting is fun in a way but painting trim is awful. Just awful.

Eighteen: Hockey season started about a month ago. This means hockey equipment sometimes hanging out in my living room but also means Sunday evenings with the house to myself when we don’t go to watch Mike play. I can appreciate that.

Nineteen: It’s Sunday night. The house is quiet. Eleven more updates and I will go fold laundry.

Twenty: Sam will be eighteen months old in three days. He is still nursing but I’ve surprised myself by thinking about intentionally weaning him in the next month or so. I may very well not follow through with that, but we’ll see. If that kid keeps brutally pinching my arms, chest, face, etc. I may be forced to.

Twenty-one: Ben is in the middle of his threes. Our kids do twos adorably. Not terribly. But threes? That’s a different story. In our house, only the three year old would take the two crackers he was just handed, put them back in the package and then take the same two crackers back out again, just because he wanted to do it himself. Ben is still pretty adorable but he’s very much three.

Twenty-two: Erik still has not had his tongue tie clipped. It’s fairly severe and clipping it could improve his speech but after we cancelled an appointment in June, they never called us back to rebook. He has started to correct himself at times with certain letters, so I do have hope that we might be able to work on it without the surgery.

Twenty-three: Elias loves money, math, manipulatives of any variety – Lego, pattern making squares, dominoes, etc. and has become quite the class clown, so to speak. This is hilarious at times and downright maddening at others.

Twenty-four: Jenny may be having a few preteen moments here and there. I almost shudder writing that but I don’t know what else to call it. They are few and far between and otherwise she tends to be happy, helpful and caring. I’m hoping that all of that will win out in the next few years.

Twenty-five: I turned thirty earlier this month. It was mostly uneventful although I did get a date night, a lot of money from various relatives and a Keurig from my mother-in-law that now has me drinking two cups of coffee every day. The Keurig, not my mother-in-law.

Twenty-six: Generally speaking, I go back and forth between very optimistic and totally overwhelmed when it comes to our house and the process of moving out. Eight years in one place is a long time, not to mention the four kids we’ve had here since we bought it. Lots of memories – some good and others very bad – but it’s a lot to pack up. We’re not quite at the point of walking out the door, but emotionally, I’m starting to do it now.

Twenty-seven: My shower has been torn apart since last week. We went to Mike’s parents’ once to shower and I washed my hair in the sink this morning, but BOY will I be glad when it is put back together. The good news is that we found out that we don’t have any mold problems behind the bath or shower. Fixing it is relatively simple although totally new to Mike.

Twenty-eight: I am still not pregnant. It’s a bit weird but I don’t mind at all. I don’t feel in a hurry to have a sixth baby. When it happens, I’ll be thrilled and ready for it, but until then, I’m just enjoying things the way they are.

Twenty-nine: I love fridge magnets but yesterday when we were super-cleaning, I took almost all of them off my fridge and it instantly made my kitchen look cleaner. So weird.

Thirty: This is it and now I have laundry to fold. And maybe later, houses to look at online. Dreaming, dreaming….

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