A long overdue update

I want to be a regular blogger…I really do. But I have six kids and I’m also kind of lazy (might need to work on that one) so it’s just not happening. But after three months (and a bit), it’s time for an update.

Oliver has doubled his birth weight and then some, is smiling and laughing and sleeping six to eight hours most nights without any help from me. On the flip side, he also eats every hour and a half to two hours during the day, which means that I spend a lot of time sitting down feeding him.

My house is still much in need of organizing but the current baby-feeding schedule makes it hard to really get into a job from start to finish. I told myself (and others) that I was going to give it a year to get things the way I want them. The way I see it, I’m halfway there and we’ve lived in the house for four months now so I’m doing okay.

I have discovered my hermit-like personality again, especially since winter hit. Getting six kids bundled up and out the door is a big task and I’d so much rather have people over than take my kids out. So we stay home and run the fireplace since we haven’t turned our furnace on yet. I will admit a bit of loneliness creeps in now and then but usually I’m too busy to feel it. One of my goals in having a larger house was to practice hospitality. My friends might not know it yet but I want my door to be open all the time. I believe in yoga pants and comfort so I appreciate a ten minute warning, but otherwise, I always have tea and coffee ready to be made and usually have something the kids can share to snack on as well. So far we have had more visitors than we ever did in the old house but still not as many as I would like.

I am currently facing a few decisions regarding our academic lifestyle and not looking forward to the shake up that might occur because of it. We’ve tried the “school at home” model and it didn’t work for us. We’ve been unschooling for about two years now and in the beginning, it was beautiful. The kids wanted to learn and found ways to do it every day. Now it seems they would rather watch Netflix or play computer games all the time. Some kids who unschool seem to be very good at self-regulating. screen time Apparently that is not us. I’m not surprised as Mike and I have both dealt with spending too much time on the computer/tablets. Finding a balance is going to be important and I still love the whole-life learning model but things have to change a bit somehow. Now it’s just a matter of figuring out what to do about it.

That’s it for now…I leave you with a picture of my sweet littlest who is hard to catch smiling in photos because he just wants to stare at the phone or camera. 😉


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