On buying a planner

I have friends who love planners. They talk in this secret language with brand names and features and favourite page formats and it all sounds like Greek to me. I have shaken my head on more than one occasion – I would never use a planner. Not me!

I think sometimes that my brain is a bit of a hippie – a fly by the seat of its pants, spontaneous, fun-loving thing. But as I get older and have more children, my brain is a little more like a real-life Woodstock sort of hippie, forgetful and confused, wandering around without its pants.

So, last year I did something new and put up a dry erase calendar in my hallway. I wrote all our appointments and important dates on it at the beginning of each month and erased it all and started over at the end. It helped, gave me an easy place to keep track of everything and probably kept us from forgetting a few things throughout the year.

On January 1st, I sat down with my journal and wrote two pages of micro-goals for this  year. Many of them had the word “plan” in them. This seemed to be a sign. When a friend suggested that she was thinking about getting a planner, to sit down with in the morning and plan out her days, I realized that maybe – just maybe – it would help me as well. So I went shopping today, picked one that seemed to fit my needs and even got it for 50% off. Will I become a planner-nerd (no offense, planning friends)? I doubt it. Will it help me to feel more organized and less like a chicken with its head cut off? I certainly hope so.

I tried not to make my goals lofty this year but there are a lot of them. I know that spacing them out (the concrete ones at least) will help to get them done. And writing them down in an orderly fashion seems to be the smart thing to do.

One goal that I did not write down in my journal is to blog more in 2016. Here’s hoping I can accomplish it! In 2015, I had nine entries here. Years ago, I was an almost daily blogger. I know I can’t go back to that but weekly would be a great improvement.

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