Planning update

This is not an exciting post but I felt that my commitment to more frequent blogging and my last post required an update of sorts. I’ve used my planner faithfully since I bought it just over a week ago. I realize that this is not very long but it feels like ages when you don’t consider yourself a planner to begin with. My pages are full of notes, appointments, goals, etc. I have found that other than pre-planned activities (appointments, homeschool events, etc), it is best for me to only plan two days ahead for daily at-home activities. This month, I’m working on de-cluttering my kitchen so each day I’ve been planning out which areas I want to work on. It has also helped with meal planning. Every day, I decide what we’ll have for lunch and supper and if I forget to plan it ahead, I’ll write it down after we’ve eaten so I can remember how many days in a row we’ve had sandwiches, whether we’ve eaten a specific supper recently and so on.

Another function I’ve found is not built into the organizer (I keep saying planner but it is actually called a “family organizer”) but I’ve added it for my own sake. A friend came to visit last week and so I wrote it in to remind myself of when we had company. I don’t write in a daily journal so this will help me remember things that my brain wants to forget. When we went on our short trip last week (we took Oliver with us to Seattle for a wedding and left the other kids home with Grandma and Grandpa), I kept track of what we did each day using the book. I wasn’t sure before we left who we would be seeing or where we would be each day aside from the wedding itself and the travel days so the spaces were empty anyway.

So the big question is whether this seems to be making any difference. I’m only nine days in but so far, I have definitely been more productive and less forgetful. As long as I start the day by looking over the page for the week and adding things that I have decided I want to do, I am able to stay on track. It does require me to look back over the plan for the day a few times but that has been less work than I would have expected.

The biggest downside has been that my mind seems to be in planning mode all the time. I know some people like that but I feel like it could make living in the present difficult. I will have to find a balance between accomplishing what I’ve planned and taking time for rest or fun throughout the day, as well as spontaneity where the kids are concerned.

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