Reflections on work and rest

Eventually I’m sure this whole planning thing will become old news and I’ll move on to other topics but it has become a normal – if somewhat novel – part of my life so it’s on my mind a lot. As I was writing out my tasks for this week, I came to Sunday and left it blank. In the past, Sunday has often been a day when I would catch up on laundry or some other job around the house, just because Mike was home and I felt bad sitting around. I have often intended to use it for rest but when the week prior to it is full of mostly laziness and procrastination, it’s hard to feel okay about resting on Sunday.

Yesterday I had completed most of my list for the day and sat down to check Facebook. It occurred to me that I felt just fine about taking a break. I was struck by the feeling that this is what I’m supposed to be doing with my time. I know many people think I must be busy all the time, that my “hands are full” with all my kids but in reality, they do their own thing most of the day and I do mine. I make meals, sure, and I generally have been able to keep on top of laundry and dishes and workout on a regular basis but beyond that, I feel as though I had fallen into a very lazy lifestyle.

I read a quote at the beginning of the year, encouraging moms to “do hard things,” this year. I have avoided this big job of decluttering or even giving myself set daily tasks because they seemed hard. I’ve long admitted to being a hater of housework and while my work ethic in a job outside the home is great, for some reason, I have a pretty crappy work ethic here. I’ve wallowed in self-pity around the mess my home has become and seldom make any effort to get rid of the self-pity or the mess.

I know this isn’t a new thought but it genuinely is one to me. I’ve watched my husband work a long day and then come home and rest without feeling the need to do a bunch at home. He helps if I need him to but he doesn’t feel guilty about sitting down and putting his feet up. And here I’ve been, barely doing anything but feeling guilty about sitting around because most of my time has been spent doing nothing! I am excited to see what this year will look like; what a year of balanced work and rest will do for our family and our home. And I look forward to Sundays – naps and eating out and putting my feet up.

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