Tips for New Parents

When you have one little baby and you are buying a new house (because I’m sure that’s just how it happens for everyone 😉 ), resist the urge to buy a hide-a-bed couch because “then people can stay with us even though we don’t have a guest room.” If they do stay with you, they’ll prefer the couch as is, and you’ll have to live with a couch that is constantly being pulled apart by your children. 002Get the leather with the cushions that don’t move.

Trust me on this one.

Did I really say that?

While walking a few blocks back to the van after having sushi today, I caught myself telling the kids that they should, “Get back in formation now.”

Seriously?! Does this mean I have lots of kids now?

I actually laughed at myself over this one. I don’t think they even knew what it meant…

Good News, Bad News

Five Kids is a Lot of Kids was doing this today on Facebook.

Just so happens I had my own good news/bad news moment this morning.


Good news: Elias and Erik talked Ben into having a bath this morning.

Bad news: The toilet seemed to them like a better place for a bath than the tub.

Good news: It was flushed before he sat on the side and stuck his feet in.