Mom Brain

Soft baby skin against mine,

A giggle and a smile.

Whisper-shouting in my mind:

“Remember! Remember! Remember!”

So many moments like this forgotten.

Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years,

Remembered only in hazy, unspecific pictures.

Remembered like a sunset I must have seen because the sun sets every day.


Is it enough to know it happened?

To know it must have happened,

Rather than remembering like a picture?

They grow so fast

One day they are baby soft and two-teethed

And the next they are tall and slender and mostly grown.

I will keep shouting, “Remember! Remember!”

And hope that it works now and then.

We got a dog!

We didn’t actually get a dog..the baby has just taken up acting like one.

By some miracle, we have never dealt with croup in our family. Until last night, when Mike and I were watching something together and I was sure I could hear a dog barking just outside our house. But no, Sam was crying. And barking. Hey, he already drools like crazy and chews on things that he shouldn’t..the barking seems like a logical next step.

Thankfully croup usually sounds worse than it is and his doesn’t seem to be severe. It was a rough night nonetheless.

My sister-in-law did give me a laugh this morning when she suggested I deal with this like Anne of Green Gables did. So then Diana and I can be BFFs again. Nice.;)